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Project: "environmental management for a cleaner production in the central region of Argentina"

¿ What is a cleaner production ?

It is the continous application of a preventive environmental strategy, integrated to processes, products and services that permit the growth of global efficiency and reduce the risks for human health and environment. (UNEP United Nations Environmental Program)

+ Competitivity and efficiency

+ Saving resources, raw material and consumables

+ Obeying ex sting rules and regulations

+ Reducing the volume and level of pollution

+ Acces to new markets


HOTEL NECOF and commitment to the environment.

During 2010 HOTEL NECOFA implemented cleaner production program "Environmental Management for Cleaner Production in the Central Region of Argentina '
The building has been conceived from the design, building and equipment with environmental criteria. That is why you should deploy a greater amount of soft measures based on the application of good practice.
As part of this project receive counseling, training for change and improvement taking into account the criteria of Cleaner Production.
This will work in various aspects such as: information and awareness, raw material inputs, water consumption, energy consumption, waste production, health and safety and plant and equipment.
Commitment to the environment, staff training and disseminate guests
control of raw materials and inputs
awareness of rational water use
Delay washing program linen, towels left on the ground are removed for washing, which are not hung.
awareness of rational energy use
establishing common environments such as temperature 25 º -26 º in summer and 23 º -24 º C in winter
cleaning lamps
Program off lights
Using split-conditioning equipment (this measure is taken into account in building the 4th floor of the hotel)
low power LED lamps
use sachet of shampoo and cream rinse in a single two-in-one
individual soap without emboltorio

On November 30, 2010 HOTEL NECOFA received the green seal well differentiated from other companies, for our social and environmental commitment. Creating a new culture of management and operation that provides the owners of the company gridding in Continuous Improvement.

Thanks to all our guests for helping

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